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The Luthier

My name is Eugenio, I am a Luthier, Craftsman and I like working with wood.

I always liked music and was always close to it, through friends, going to concerts or just listening to it at home or on my headphones, but I never knew how to be a part of it. Some time ago, traveling through Bolivia, I came across Martín, an exceptional luthier. We chatted, he showed me his work, he invited me to his workshop and that's where the first sensation appeared.

In a self-taught way, between books and in contact with other luthiers, I learned about woods, techniques and construction processes, thus finding a space in the world of music.

Some years later, already with experience in the field of luthería, dedicating myself to the manufacture and repair of musical instruments, one day a friend who lives in Barcelona calls me (where I lived for eight years and started my work as a luthier) and told me that a person with wooden sunglasses saw pass by. It seemed like a very interesting idea, so at the same moment I got to work and do some tests, and I did not stop until today.

With my partner and our two children, Elián and Azahares, we live on this wonderful island that is Tenerife. Among all of us we carry out this project that we understand that in addition to being our livelihood, it is also our way of going through the world with respect, leaving something positive for the little ones.


Creemos que la artesanía propone un trabajo justo, cercano, sostenible y creativo. Trabajar con las manos y hacer nuestras gafas una a una, es una elección que nos aleja de la producción en serie, monótona y repetitiva.  Creamos gafas únicas e irrepetibles.

Desarrollamos un método de producción propio, basado en la libertad y en la tenacidad de encontrar un producto de gran calidad. Hacemos de nuestro trabajo un estilo de vida

Diseñamos y creamos gafas de madera, teniendo especial cuidado en el trabajo artesanal, desde que la madera llega a nuestras manos hasta que se convierte en una gafa, como en los detalles técnicos que hacen tus Oë, mas ergonómicas, ligeras y cómodas.

Nuestra misión no es solo comercial, también es compartir conceptos, construir conciencia, crear sinergias y aprender de los demás. Nuestro trabajo no es un destino sino un camino, recorrerlo y disfrutarlo es también nuestra misión.

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What do you choose when buying Oë

You choose to bet on crafts, design and creativity, you choose to change plastic for wood, be sustainable. You choose to bet on a fair project that grows equally with whoever joins our team, a project that bets on a fairer distribution that allows us to relate as equals, bets on the illusion of a better world. You choose nature, you choose to be natural.


From the Canary Islands



Work with joy, always be the intention to do something beautiful, seek to connect with what you do. Enjoy the road

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Camino del Candil 21. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. C P 38107 Islas Canarias

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