00B Sun

00B Sun


140 mm front. 45mm wide. 135 cm the length of the rod.

Brown lenses. Great optical quality.

100% 100 UV protection

Flex hinges. Comfort and ergonomics.

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    Eucalyptus trees are perennial medicinal trees and plants, of straight growth. They can reach a height of more than 60 m. In some specimens the outer bark (rhytidoma) is light brown with a skin-like appearance and it peels off in strips leaving gray or brownish spots on the inner bark, which is smoother.

    There are about 700 species, most of them native to Australia and New Guinea. At present, they are distributed throughout much of the world and, due to their rapid growth, they are frequently used in forest plantations for industry

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    All our woods are certified. It has a total guarantee. If you don't like them or they don't suit you, we'll change them. They are made entirely in the Canary Islands, Spain. We use high quality optical lenses with 100% UV protection

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