013 Sun

013 Sun

Between retro and modern. Like the teacher.

Gray lenses, 100% 100 UV protection.

Great optical quality.

Flex hinges.


145mm X 55mm

135 mm the length of the rod.

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    Rosewood is a wood widely used in high-quality joinery work or to make musical instruments, it is always at the top of this order for its beauty and hardness. Its intense grain makes it as particular and unique as the glasses you see in the photo.

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    All our woods are certified. It has a total guarantee. If you don't like them or they don't suit you, we'll change them. They are made entirely in the Canary Islands, Spain. We use high quality optical lenses with 100% UV protection.

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  ​Email: info@oegafasdemadera.com

Tel: 617 022 065

Camino del Candil 21. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. C P 38107 Islas Canarias

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