03 Sol degradé

03 Sol degradé

Bubinga wood, sober, elegant, rosewood rods.

Gradient brown lenses.

100% protection against UV rays.

Great optical quality.

Flex hinges.


15 X 5 X 14

15cm front. 5cm wide. 14 cm the length of the rod.

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    Bubinga wood is used in the construction of violins, drums, and harps for its acoustic qualities. Bubinga is a striking and exotic red wood. Its color on a guitar is striking, much stronger than other tropical woods. The bubinga produces a bright, clear and vibrant sound with a very sustained tone that seems to emphasize the root note of the chord. This almost magical wood darkens over time. Bubinga resembles rosewood and has a distinctive appearance that is often highly decorative, especially when its natural color variation is combined with a wavy grain.



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    All our woods are certified. It has a total guarantee. If you don't like them or they don't suit you, we'll change them. They are made entirely in the Canary Islands, Spain. We use high quality optical lenses with 100% UV protection.

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